As a self-taught silversmith, I am committed to making meaningful, wearable art that inspires us to breathe deeper, explore more, and lead richer, more purposeful lives.

By immortalizing organics in metal, my work adds value to something that is seemingly worthless and left to decompose, it shifts our views of the material, and furthermore it allows us to reflect on how precious the dead bee or other organic matter really is.

Casting organics speaks to perceived value within society, and the extreme polarity modern views have between its original, organic form, and its latter, jewelry form.  It blurs the lines between worthy and unworthy, not valuable and invaluable, undesirable and highly desired. All of it ultimately comes down to perspective.

My efforts are an extension of my past conservation work. To continue to educate humanity on the importance of the natural world and shed light on Mother Nature.  To ensure we, as humans, prioritize the Earth first and foremost. 

All my pieces are entirely made by hand with skills acquired over years of committed practice. I'm constantly developing as an artist and seeking out uncharted avenues to explore. I love to find new ways to share my passion for this amazing art form with the world. 

- Carin Jones, 

 Owner & Artist